Tarp Hat

Tarp Hat wide brimmed hat

Upcycled hat made from tarpaulins

Tarp Hats are upcycled hats made from recycled truck tarpaulins and made in to several styles of hat. Tarp Hat describes the material used to make the hat rather than the style.

Typical recycled canvas tarpaulins that make Tarp Hats are from Brazil with graphics and Portuguese writing on them. The term “tarp” has been used as an abbreviation for “tarpaulin” since 1906. Although they were once uniformly heavy canvas that had been treated with tar to make them water resistant, tarps are now commonly made of vinyl or polyethylene.

All Tarp Hats are unique since they are made from individual used tarpaulins and often have graphics, repairs and other random idiosyncrasies that may arise from well used upcycled items.

The designs available range from similar to Tilley Hats with wide brims to Baseball Caps.

Some Tarp Hat styles