Alex Tilley

Hat manufacturer from Canada

Tilley Endurables were founded by Alex Tilley and they manufacture hard wearing hats and clothing for the outdoors and travel. Tired of hats that blew off his head, sank when they fell into the water or shrunk when they got wet, Alex Tilley decided to oversee the creation of his own ideal sailing hat. After several months of research and the assistance from a sail maker, he designed and made the ideal hat for himself. When other sailors asked for one, he made and sold them one as a hobby. The great success of the Tilley Hat led to the formation of Tilley Endurables, makers of Tilley Hats and travel clothing, designed and manufactured in Canada and enjoyed around the world.

Today Tilley Hats come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The classic Tilley Hat is the cotton duck version offering a lifetime investment in sun protection and good looks. Guaranteed for life and insured against loss it blocks UV-A and UV-B sunlight too.

Classic Tilley Hats stay on in thewind using the wind cord and will even stay on while skydiving! They don’t shrink having being made with pre-shrunk 10 oz cotton duck. Lock stiched with cotton-over-polyester thread for durability. Tilley Hats floats thanks to a closed-cell foam in the crown. They have a secret pocket in the crown to carry ID cash or credit card. It repels rain and  is mildew resistant. British brass grommets and snaps finish it off. They come in every human head size complete with a 4-page Owners Manual.

If you already know your hat size ask for one size larger when you order your Tilley Hat.

Tilley has an amazing guarantee: If you ever succeed in wearing out your Tilley Hat send the remains to them and they will replace it free and if you want to keep your faithful old worn-out hat they will even return it.

The classic Tilley Hat is made out of strong soft 10oz  cotton duck specially treated to make it water repellent and mildew proof. The cotton is pre-shrunk before being cut and sewn. A cloth pocket in the crown holds a closed-cell non-absorbent thick foam pad to help float your Tilley Hat and cushion a knock on the head.

Types of Tilley Hat

Wide brimmed hats

  • The T4 Cotton Duck Hat
  • The TH9 Hemp Hat
  • The T4IS Insect Shield Hat
  • The TH4 Hemp Hat
  • The TH8 Hemp Hat
  • LT8B Breathable Nylon Hat
  • LTM6 AIRFLO Nylamtium Hat
  • LTM6IS AIRFLO Hat with Insect Shield

Medium brimmed hats

  • The T5MO Tilley Organic AIRFLO Hat
  • The TWC5 Outback Hat
  • LT5B Breathable Nylon Hat
  • LTM5 AIRFLO Nylamtium Hat
  • The T3 Cotton Duck Hat
  • The T5 Cotton Duck Hat
  • The TH5 Hemp Hat
  • The TTMC Nylamtium Cap
  • The TW2 Tilley Harris Tweed Winter Hat
  • The TW2 Tilley Winter Hat

Narrow brimmed hats

  • KD10 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD11 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD15 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD17 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD20 Girls ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD21 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers
  • KD22 Kids ‘Top Notch’ Toppers

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