Information about how hats are made

Hatmaking is the manufacture of hats and headwear where as millinery is the designing and manufacture of Ladies hats. There are many hat makers and milliners in the world.

This section covers the manufacturing side of hat making.

Visit the dedicated pages for hat blocks and hat making materials.

One of the most famous London hatters is James Lock & Co of St James’s Street, London and is still in business today. Another famous hatter was Sharp & Davis of 6 Fish Street Hill in the City of London.

John B. Stetson is probably the most famous American hat company and was at one point the largest hat maker in the world.

Patron Saints

St. James The Less is patron saint of Hat Makers, Hatters and Milliners.

Saint Catherine is patron saint of Milliners.

Severus of Avranches is a patron saint of Hat Makers

Saint Clement is the patron saint of Felt Hat Makers and said to have discovered wool felt when he filled his sandals with flax fibres to protect his feet.

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