Twill refers to a wide range of fabrics with the same diagonal ribbed weave pattern. Have a look at a pair of jeans and you’ll get the idea since denim is a form of twill.

It is one of the three fundamental weaves, plain weave and satin being the other two. It’s widely used in hat-making.

One of the main benefits of twill is its durability, ability to hide stains, softness and ability to not wrinkle.

Brushed heavy cotton twill

A super soft versatile hat material made from thicker yarns for a heavier weight textile material. Fibres brushed from the loosely spun yarn hide the ribbed weave and give the fabric a very soft feel.

Cotton twill

Made from natural cotton fibres, its weaving technique makes its distinctive from other cotton hat materials. A cotton twill fabric is woven in a series of parallel diagonal lines on the face of the fabric which can be seen – unlike brushed heavy cotton twill.

Washed cotton twill

Often seen used for baseball caps with a faded washed look.

Hats commonly made from Twill

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