Christy’s Hats

christy's hats

Traditional English hat maker

Miller Christy founder of the Christy’s Hats set up his first manufacturing unit in Whitehart Court in London in 1773. Six reigns of royals and eight generations of the Christy family have forged the brand of Christys’ London since its foundation over 225 years ago.

Christys’ Hats is the only company in the world still making high quality Top Hats and Bowlers in the traditional way, using hatting skills established over 225 years ago and thus helping to keep a valuable industry very much alive!

Christys’ product ranges continue to grow and adapt to the needs of a modern world offering a large choice from the finest Panamas from Ecuador hand blocked and finished in the UK, Felts made by our highly skilled craftsmen in Oxfordshire, Classic Tweeds using the highest quality Scottish fabrics and luxury Cashmere, to Dressage hats and Baseball caps.

During the last 200 years the house of Christys’ has also played an enormous part in the development of the British Police Force, supplying everything from the cork and cloth dome shaped helmets to uniform caps.

Christy’s Hats are famous for…

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