Boss of the Plains

stetson boss of the plains hat

Classic cowboy hat

The Boss of the Plains hat is a lightweight all-weather hat designed by John B. Stetson to endure the demands of the American west and it’s durable, waterproof and elegant.  This design, and the term ‘Stetson’ is often described simply as the cowboy hat.

The Boss of the Plains was designed with a high crown to provide insulation on the top of the head, a wide stiff brim to provide shelter from both sun and precipitation for the face, neck and shoulders. The original fur-felt hat was waterproof and shed rain. On the underside, the hat included a sweatband, a lining, and a bow on its sweatband, that had the practical purpose of helping distinguish the front from the back. The original designs were natural in colour with four-inch crowns and brims; a plain strap was used for the band.

For years, Stetson worried about the waterproofing, and finally decided to make his hat of beaver felt. It took about 42 beaver belly pelts to produce a high quality hat. Because of the tight weave of most Stetson hats, it was waterproof enough to be used as a bucket. Stetson featured advertising of a cowboy watering his horse with water carried in the crown.

Famous Boss of the Plains wearers

  • South African Constabulary

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