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Roman Catholic clergy hat The Biretta is a square cap with three or four ridges or peaks traditionally worn by Roman Catholic clergy and some Anglican and Lutheran clergy. Sometimes a Biretta is topped with a tuft. Biretta is also the term used for a similar cap worn by those holding doctoral degrees from some […]

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Religious skullcap The zucchetto with a plural of zucchetti, Italian for ‘small gourd’, also known as pileolus in Latin, is a small skullcap worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church and sometimes within Anglicanism and Lutheranism. It was first adopted for practical reasons to keep the clergy’s tonsured heads warm in cold, damp churches […]

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Wideawake Hat

A Quaker style hat A Wideawake Hat also known as a Quaker hat, is a men’s hat worn by Quakers who settled in parts of the United States in 18th and 19th centuries. Rembrandt was wearing a style of Wideawake Hat in his 1632 self portrait. Wideawakes are usually made from black or brown felt […]

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Pilgrim hat associated with the Puritans A capotain, capatain or copotain is a tall-crowned, narrow-brimmed, slightly conical hat, usually black, worn by men and women from the 1590s into the mid-seventeenth century in England and northwestern Europe. Earlier capotains had rounded crowns whereas later the crown became flat at the top. The capotain is particularly […]

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