Cappello Romano

cappello romano priest hat

A Cappello Romano or Saturno is a hat with a wide, circular brim and a rounded crown worn outdoors by Catholic clergy when dressed in a cassock. Saturno comes from its resemblance to the planet Saturn.

Cappelli Romani (pl.) are usually made of beaver fur, felt or straw and are lined in white silk. Unlike many other articles of clerical clothing, it serves no ceremonial purpose, being primarily a practical item, unlike the Galero, a ceremonial wide brim hat, but hardly ever seen today.

If you see a priest in a cassock out and about, he will likely be wearing a Cappello Romano on his head.

Variations in the design of cappelli depend on the rank of the wearer. The Pope wears a red cappello with gold cords and scarlet lining. Cardinals used to wear red cappelli, but now wear black ones. Bishop’s may have green and gold cords with violet lining. Other clerics wear black cappeli.

Other names for the Cappello Romano

  • Saturno
  • Priest Hat

Famous wearers of the Cappello Romano

  • The Pope
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