Capotain Hats Gunpowder Plot Guy Fawkes

Pilgrim hat associated with the Puritans and Guy Fawkes

A capotain, capatain or copotain is a tall-crowned, narrow-brimmed, slightly conical hat, usually black, worn by men and women from the 1590s into the mid-seventeenth century in England and northwestern Europe. Earlier Capotains had rounded crowns whereas later the crown became flat at the top.

The Capotain is particularly associated with the Puritan costume in England in the years running up to the English Civil War and during the years of the Commonwealth.

Other names for the Capotain

  • Pilgrim Hat
  • Guy Fawkes Hat
  • Capatain
  • Copotain
  • Flat topped hat

Famous Capotain wearers

  • Guy Fawkes
  • Pilgrims
  • Puritans