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Cavalier Hat

Favourite of the Cavaliers Cavalier hat is a variety of wide-brimmed hat popular in the 17th century. These hats were often made from felt, and usually trimmed with an ostrich plume. The Cavalier Hat were often cocked up or had one side of the brim pinned to the side of the crown of the hat, […]

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Historical headress A Caul is type of historical headress worn by women to cover tied-up hair. A fancy Cauls are often made of satin, fine silk, velvet or brocade, whereas simple Cauls would simply be made of white linen or cotton. The Caul could be covered by a crespine or a mesh net to secure […]

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Cap of Maintenance

Crimson ceremonial cap A Cap of Maintenance is a ceremonial cap of crimson velvet lined with ermine, which is worn or carried by certain persons as a sign of nobility or special honour. As such, it is often to be seen depicted in British heraldry. A Cap of Maintenance is one of the insignia of […]

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Traditional Korean woman’s hat An Ayam is a Korean traditional winter cap mainly worn by women for protection against the cold in the Joseon period (1392-1910). It is also called Aegeom which literally means ‘covering a forehead’ in Korean. The Ayam generally consists of mobu (crown) and deurim which are shaped like daenggi or a […]

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donovan john lennon cap

Greek Fisherman’s Cap

Trendy cap originating from Greece The Greek Fisherman’s Cap or John Lennon Hat as it is often referred to, is associated with maritime vocations and situations. The Greek Fisherman’s Cap has become popular amongst the public in general, rather than staying isolated as just a fisherman’s hat. One example of the Greek Fisherman’s Cap being […]

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Cap Comforter

Classic Commando hat The Cap Comforter also known as the Commando hat has a dual purpose, also doubling up as a scarf. The Cap Comforter is a ‘tube’ of knitted wool, sewn at both ends and formed into a hat by pushing one end through the tube to the other end a long cap is […]

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Terai Hat

A Gurkha hat The Terai Hat is a type of slouch hat associated with the Gurkha regiments of the British Army and Indian Army (formerly the British Indian Army) and is still worn by the Gurkhas but not worn on active service. The Terai Hat is named after the Terai region in Nepal linked to the events […]

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Custodian Helmet

Traditional headgear of the Bobby on the Beat A Custodian Helmet also known as a policeman’s helmet or centurion helmet, technically known as a ‘Home Office pattern helmet’, is a helmet worn by policemen in England and Wales. The Custodian Helmet is the traditional headgear of the ‘Bobby on the beat’, worn by constables and […]

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Scrum Cap

Protective headgear for rugby players The Scrum Cap is headgear used by rugby players to protect the ears and head when in the scrum. Wearing a Scrum Cap helps avoid getting ‘cauliflower ears’ – a condition that occurs when the ear suffers a blow, blood clot or collection of fluid under the perichondrium. A alternative to […]

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A bedtime favourite A Nightcap is a warm cloth cap worn in bed with a nightgown or pyjamas. They were common in northern Europe before central heating and good insulation was available and homes were cold at night. Men’s nightcaps were traditionally pointed, with a long top and tassle. It could be used to keep […]

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