Bhaadgaunle Topi

Bhadgaunle Topi national hat of Nepal

Nepalese and Indian Gorkhas both wear the Bhadgaunle Topi or Kalo Topi hat. In place of the Palpali Dhaka topi, the hat has been adopted as part of the Nepali national dress for men.

Historians claim that the hat has been worn in Nepal since Malla’s time. However, at the time, the hat was only available in the Kathmandu Valley. After King Tribhuvan and his son Mahendra started wearing the hat, it became popular all over the country.

The traditional black cap, made by artisans in Bhaktapur, was the preferred accessory for men in Kathmandu during the Panchayat era and earlier. It wasn’t just for special occasions or day-to-day wear; all Nepali men had to wear one if they wanted to enter Singha Durbar and other halls of power, like government offices.