Zuckerman Helmet

Civilian Protective Helmet Zuckerman Helmet

The Zuckerman Helmet was a British helmet officially designated the Civilian Protective Helmet and used by civil defence organisations and the general public during World War II. It was researched and designed by Solly Zuckerman, Derman Christopherson and Hugh Cairns.

In mid 1940, Zuckerman and Cairns first started looking into a design for a helmet to aid civil defence, to create a helmet that could protect the wearer from the impact of flying falling masonry.

Once the War Office accepted their design, the Civilian Protective Helmet went into circulation in December 1940 and throughout 1941.

Helmets were made from pressed mild steel or manganese steel. The design of the impact resistant high dome. The helmet was available in a number of colours – white, black, grey and olive green.

The helmet liner was made of leather and webbing and attached with string, lace or leather thong threaded through holes in the helmet. Small loops were incorporated on the helmet for attaching a chinstrap.

Two notable manufacturers were Austin Motor Co. and Morris Motors amongst others.

The example shown shows the insignia SFP which stands for Street Fire Party. Later models show FG for Fire Guard.