Witch Hat

witch hat

A hat worn by witches

A Witch Hat is a style of hat worn by witches as depicted in popular culture, typically with a conical crown and a wide brim.

The Witch Hat we think of today has been popularised by The WIzard of Oz, the 1939 film which portrayed the WIcked Witch of the West wearing a typical witch hat. The original novel from1900 L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz featured illustrations that portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West wearing a tall, conical hat.

The origins of the pointed Witch Hat we know today spawn from mummified remains of the ‘witches’ of Subeshi, anti-Semitism, anti-Quaker prejudice, alewife hats and theories associated with witchcraft and black magic.

The Witch Hat is a popular fancy dress item at Halloween.

Famous Witch Hat wearers

  • Wicked Witch of the West