vueltiao hat

Traditional hat from Columbia

vueltiao hatThe sombrero vueltiao or sombrero vueltiado is a traditional hat from Colombia and one of its symbols. It is made from a local cane Gynerium sagittatum (caña flecha) that grows in the region.

The word vueltiao is a Colombian regionalism from the northern Caribbean Region and the area surrounding the Magdalena River basin that originates in the word for ‘lap’, and arose due to the way the hat is made. Vueltiao is correctly spelled volteado; however, the altered spelling reflects the actual pronunciation. The quality of the hat is determined by the number of ‘laps’ used and its bending flexibility. The more flexible the hat is, the higher quality it is.

The making of the hat originated amongst the Zenú tribes of Colombia. The Colombian 2004 Olympic delegation wore the vueltiao for the opening ceremony. It is also traditionally worn by cumbia dancers and vallenato artists.

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