The Edge wearing Tuque

Knitted woollen hat

A Tuque is a knitted cap, originally of wool though now often of synthetic fibres, that is designed to provide warmth in winter. Most Tuques are tapered; they sometimes have ear flaps, and may be topped with a pom-pom, some styles of tuque are sometimes referred to as a Boggan or Sherpa.

Tuques may have a folded brim, or none, and may be worn tightly fitting the head or loose on top although the latter is considered more standard.

The precursor to the modern Tuque was a small, round, close-fitting hat, brimless or with a small brim. In the 12th and 13th centuries, women wore embroidered Toques, made of velvet, satin, or taffeta, on top of their head-veils. In the late 16th century, brimless, black velvet Toques were popular with men and women. Throughout the 19th century, women wore toques, often small, trimmed with fur, lace, bows, flowers, or leaves.

The word is etymologically related to the name of the chef’s Toque, an alternate spelling.

Famous Tuque wearers

  • U2 guitarist The Edge
  • Michael Nesmith of The Monkees
  • Jacques Cousteau
  • Compo

Other names for a Tuque

  • Boggan
  • Sherpa

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