Tudor Bonnet

tudor bonnet

An academic hat from Tudor times

A Tudor bonnet, also known as a doctor’s bonnet or round cap, is a soft round black academic cap with a tassel hanging from a cord encircling the puggaree of the hat. Often the tassel and cord are gold and in Oxford a black ribbon is used instead.

It is mostly worn as part of academic dress by a person who holds a doctorate degree, mainly by those holding a research or professional doctoral degree. It is also often worn by those holding an honourary or full higher doctorate, and, at certain educational establishments, by University Officers, such as the Esquire Bedell, University Marshal, the president of the students’ union, and members of the university council.

In some educational establishments, or some faculties of some educational establishments, a mortarboard is worn instead.

It is worn as traditional clothing with gowns most especially Livery and burgess guilds officers as suitable headwear.

They can be made of velvet or cloth, usually black but can be produced in other colours. As the name suggests, the Tudor bonnet was popularly worn during Tudor times.

Other names for Tudor Bonnet

  • Doctor’s Bonnet
  • Round Cap

Famous Tudor Bonnet wearers

  • Academics

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