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Popular military soft cap

A Side Cap or Field Service Cap, also known as a garrison cap in the US, or wedge cap in Canada, is a foldable military cap with straight sides and a creased or hollow crown sloping to the back where it is parted.

The style originated with the Austrian Cap in the 1890s and a previous version known as the ‘Torin’ from Italy, which had a much more curved top line side on.

Both Austrian and Torin types were distinguished by the inclusion of a fold down section for warming the ears and back of the head in cold weather. These two styles are still used by officers of some British units and continue to include this feature.

The Side Cap looks similar to the Glengarry without the tartan, or check trim, toorie, and ribbons typical of the Scottish cap. The Side Cap has been associated with various military forces from the World War I to the present day, and various youth organisations.

A convenient feature of the Side Cap is that it can be stored by folding it over the belt or by tucking it under a shoulder strap.

Other names for a Side Cap

  • Field Service Cap (UK)
  • Garrison Cap (US)
  • Wedge Cap (Canada)
  • Austrian Cap
  • Pilotka (Russia)
  • Bonnet de Police (France)

Famous Side Cap wearers

  • Dad’s Army

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