Scrum Cap

scrum cap

Protective headgear for rugby players

The Scrum Cap is headgear used by rugby players to protect the ears and head when in the scrum. Wearing a Scrum Cap helps avoid getting ‘cauliflower ears’ – a condition that occurs when the ear suffers a blow, blood clot or collection of fluid under the perichondrium.

A alternative to a Scrum Cap is a thin strip of foam or cloth and electrical tape wrapped around the ears rather like a head band.

The traditional Scrum Cap was made up of a thin cloth helmet with padding over the ears, held in place by a strap. Today, modern Scrum Caps are typically made from thin foam.

Famous Scrum Cap wearers

  • Alun Wyn Jones
  • Leigh Halfpenny
  • Jonny Lomax


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