Mary Stuart Cap

Mary Stuart Cap, Mary, Queen of Scots

A Mary Stuart Cap or Attifet is a type of hat which became well known during the Elizabethan era, since it appeared regularly in portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots at the time.

The Mary Stuart Cap became quite fashionable for a small period of time, and even became remained part of formal mourning dress until the Victorian era.

A Mary Stuart Cap is usually tight fitting with a solid piece of triangular material hanging over the forehead, which, when viewed from the front, creates a heart shape.

Mary Stuart Caps were designed to hold a veil, which would usually be worn over the cap, and the material might be rolled into shape in the back or formed with wires which held it tightly in place. The Mary Stuart Cap also flickered slightly at the sides to allow for rolls of hair.

Other names for Mary Stuart Cap

Famous Mary Stuart Cap wearers

  • Mary, Queen of Scots