sombrero cordobes

Traditional hat from Córdoba

The Sombrero Cordobés is a traditional hat made in Córdoba, Spain and traditionally worn it a large part of Andalusia. In the Spanish-speaking world outside of Andalusia, the term can simply mean ‘wide-brimmed hat’. The traditional colour is black, though other common colours are red, pearl grey, sea green and navy blue.

The origin of the style is unclear. Drawings as early as the 17th century show day labourers wearing this sort of hat. The style became more widespread in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Famous sombrero Cordobés wearers

  • Flamenco vocalist Juanito Valderrama
  • Rejoneador Antonio Cañero
  • Matador Manolete
  • Zorro


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