Barmah Hats

barmah hats

Australian bush hats

Barmah Hats are a hat manufacturer based in Australia. Barmah Hats are made in Australia and the business is Australian owned. Barmah Hats pride ourselves on making the best quality products on the market.

Barmah Hats have becomemarket leaders for bush hats through their commitment tobeing the best with many innovative hats being made.

Barmah Hats has its own dedicated leather manufacturing factoryin Melbourne, Australia. Barmah leather provides quality advantages suchas:

  • Unique full grain leathers
  • Consistency of colour – every hat will be the same
  • Waterproof leathers
  • Guaranteed supply of material

Barmah Hats are sturdy and durable. With a small amount of care, your Barmah Hat will give you many years of service. To care for your Barmah Hat, they recommend the following:

Leather Hats Canvas Hats
  • Ensure that your hat is not exposed to extreme heat.
  • Cleaning and care products for your leather hat can be purchased at your local shoe repair/care outlet. It is recommended that you take your hat with you so that the best product can be determined, depending on the leather of your hat.
  • Lightly brush off any dust
  • Minor marks can be sponged with warm water and detergent.
  • Your canvas hat can be cleaned in a 3:1 solution of bleach and gently hand-washed if needs be. Rinse thoroughly in clean water immediately to remove bleach.
  • Do not machine-wash your hat.