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Scrum Cap

Protective headgear for rugby players The Scrum Cap is headgear used by rugby players to protect the ears and head when in the scrum. Wearing a Scrum Cap helps avoid getting ‘cauliflower ears’ – a condition that occurs when the ear suffers a blow, blood clot or collection of fluid under the perichondrium. A alternative to […]

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Riding Hat

Protection for horse riders A Riding Hat is technically an equestrian helmet based on the classic hunt cap. A Riding Hat has a hard shell on the outside of an impact-resistant resin or plastic, traditionally covered with velvet cloth. The brim is particularly flexible and will give way immediately in the event a rider lands […]

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Cricket Cap

Traditional cricket headwear A Cricket Cap is a type of soft cap, often made from felt that is a traditional headwear for cricketers. Cricket Caps are usually a tight-fitting skullcap, usually made of six or eight sections, with a small crescent shaped brim that points downwards over the brow to provide shade for the eyes. […]

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Traditional racing cyclist cap Casquette is French for cap. In cycling jargon, it is used to refer to the traditional peaked cotton cap worn by racing cyclists. With the introduction of compulsory cycle helmets for massed-start racing, casquettes have become less common, but most professional race outfits still have them produced in team colours for […]

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Baseball Cap

Casual soft cap A baseball cap is a type of soft cap with a long, stiff brim that may either be curved or flat. The front of the cap typically contains designs or logos of  baseball teams or other sports teams. The back of the cap may be fitted to the wearer’s head size or […]

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