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Cavalier Hat

Favourite of the Cavaliers Cavalier hat is a variety of wide-brimmed hat popular in the 17th century. These hats were often made from felt, and usually trimmed with an ostrich plume. The Cavalier Hat were often cocked up or had one side of the brim pinned to the side of the crown of the hat, […]

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donovan john lennon cap

Greek Fisherman’s Cap

Trendy cap originating from Greece The Greek Fisherman’s Cap or John Lennon Hat as it is often referred to, is associated with maritime vocations and situations. The Greek Fisherman’s Cap has become popular amongst the public in general, rather than staying isolated as just a fisherman’s hat. One example of the Greek Fisherman’s Cap being […]

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ascot cap

Ascot Cap

A hard cap for the autumn and winter The Ascot Cap, also known as the Cuffley Cap, is a men’s cap similar to the flat cap, but distinguished by its hard and rounded shape. Ascot Caps are usually made from felt or wool and they are worn in the autumn or winter. Straw Ascot Caps […]

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Classic wide brimmed hat A Fedora is a men’s felt hat creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched on the front on both sides. The Fedora is not defined by this creasing, however. Fedoras are also be creased with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, centre dents, and others. The positioning of pinches can vary. Fedoras were […]

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