Shady hat from Mexico

sombrerosSombrero is a word taken from Spanish and typically refers to a type of hat from Mexico. The name simply originates from the Spanish word ‘Sombra’ meaning ‘shade’. It literally translates as ‘shader’

It usually has a somewhat high pointed crown, an extra-wide brim, broad enough to cast a shadow over the head, neck and shoulders of the wearer, and slightly upturned at the edge, and a chin string to hold it in place. Cowboys generalised the word to mean just about any wide broad-brimmed hat.

In Mexico, peasant sombreros are usually made of straw, while wealthier people wear sombreros made of felt. They come in many designs with different colourings, woven patterns, and decorations. They are rarely seen in modern urban settings, except as part of folkloric outfits worn in certain festivities. The Mexican sombrero has become a national and cultural symbol, and is often used in traditional Mexican celebrations, especially by communities outside Mexico.


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